Go to China! Why

China is the kingdom which the important factor of famous and relishing infrastructure international elegance townships spread throughout the complete country. It also has the most fresh and promising climate. The Chinese language Villages too have the best infrastructure which again makes it worthy of your visit. It indeed is flexible to go to and to stay for a while to refill sense holistically.

Observe for China traveller visa on-line in Gurugram is likewise a broadly sought phenomenon as humans broaden insightful business reasons in regard to a much broader variety of Chinese language items.

China Visa Application

Applicants want to fill up and document the visa utility paperwork and such should usually be stuffed neatly and with precise care. Subsequently in search of assist from any prestigious China traveler visa marketers in Gurugram could show to be pretty beneficial as they would enlighten the traffic at the approaches to tour and the way to make their travel and stay the most secure revel in as an entire. In our case, we are pretty familiar with the policies and methods which the embassy of the humans' Republic of China harp upon whilst considering the visa programs. As an example following factors of site visitors’ status have to be crystal clear at the same time as making use of for a visa:

  • Validity of passport, as it should remain valid for the following 6 months and then should also have 2 blank pages for posting visas upon,
  • Docs supporting the financial health and bank statements for a greater impact,
  • General visas are issued within 4 days while for urgency of visiting visa, additional charges are levied thereby,
  • China embassy also emphasize upon return ticket to be shown alongside the application,
  • Docs should be provided on the original forms always,
  • Under the general category, visa is offered to a period of 30 days and is essentially a single entry visa, while from sep 9, 2013, embassy has revised the visa processing rates as Rs.3800 for a single entry while Rs.5800 for double entry,
  • Finally the Demand Draft should be in favor of “The Consulate General of China, Mumbai”, and it should be issued from any national bank of India while any other reputed foreign bank can also be involved.


China visit visa Agents in Gurugram:

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China Tourist Spots: 

The Great Wall of China

The splendid Wall of China the longest wall and the most well-known architecture of China winds across China covering over five,500 miles (8.850 km). The exceptional Wall is in-truth made from some of the interconnecting walls spanning across China and from a special time period that China has long gone via in their past dynastical years and become constructed by using Warlords. While the present day creation was finished after 1368 ad for the duration of the Ming Dynasty, creation of the amazing Wall genuinely began over 2,000 years in the past.

Potala Palace, Lhasa

The Potala Palace traditionally was the seat of Dalai Lama, Tibetan Buddhists’ spiritual leader which is now a Chinese Museum. The Museum sits at 3,700 meters or at 12,000 feet. It is supremely famous for its white walls that surround the inner red palace. It is situated in Lhasa. The capital of the Tibetan Autonomous Region.

Pandas and tigers and camels!*

Humans love animals especially women and guess which animals you are going to be bewitched by in China.

Yes, if you get lucky then you can really see giant pandas in their natural habitat. And if not then don’t worry then you can visit Chengdu the panda breeding base. By providing a hefty donation you can even cuddle and hold a baby panda.

China not only let you meet pandas but also provide you the chances to ride camels. You can visit to far west Province Gansu the Gobi Desert and enjoy your amazing ride with your camel. Disclaimer: Camels are not as cuddly as Pandas.

And at last we Siberian Tigers who are the least cuddly among the three but you can watch them in animal’s parks like in Harbin.

The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. It is in the centre of Beijing, directly towards north of Tian’Ammen where the incredibly famous portrait of Mao Zedong hangs on the palatial crimson wall. It was the imperial seat of Ming and Qing dynasty emperors from 1420 to 1912 until the last emperor Pu Yi was abdicated.


Avatar the sector maximum bought movie’s idea to Mr. James Cameron came to this vicinity best in the fantastical landscape from Hunan Province’s Zhangjiajie country wide wooded area Park. Ensure to visit China to see the first-rate surroundings that China has to offer.

Karst Mountains in Yangshuo

Located in the south of China in Guangxi Zhuang Region and can be best viewed from Yangshuo a small town outside of Guilin. It illustrates the Chinese Currency 20 RENMIBI note; The Karst Mountains are really beautiful and known in China.

5,000 years ago culture is going on

Despite the fact that the turbulent present-day records have destroyed a few cultural angles however nevertheless there may be nonetheless a lot to peer and examine as the records of China dates back to lots of years.

The numerous Chinese way of life can be skilled in extraordinary ways. You can pass on a tour of the country or observe an ancient change route like the Tea Horse path or The Silk avenue. The whole thing that you will do in China may be a part of their tradition. So, you could cross and have tea and might discover Chin’s Tea records or can sit down and experience things that appeal to an attraction to you.

Visa category

China Visa Type for tourism or business purpose:

    • China Single Entry Tourist Visa-30 days stay/3 Months Validity
    • China Single Entry Business Visa-30 days stay/3 Months Validity
    • China Double Entry Visa/6 Months
    • China Multiple Entry Visa/6 Months Visa
    • China Multiple Entry Visa/1 Year Visa

Required Documents

Required Documents for tourist purpose:

  • Original Passport
  • Copy of confirmed flight booking(Onward/Inward both)
  • Passport-sized photograph
  • Bank Statement
  • Hotel Booking Confirmation

  • Photo size must be 48mm X 33mm.
  • The height of the face must be between 28-33mm (from chin to the crown of head).
  • Color photo taken within the past six months.
  • Plain white background (or light-blue background for applicants with white hair).
  • Full face centered to the camera.
  • No hair accessories. The eye-glasses should be removed if they reflect light and distort the applicant’s eyes.
  • Taken with uniform lighting: no shadows glare or flash reflections.
  • Glossy finish photographic paper, no matt-finish ones, no stain, crease or scratch.

Visa process usually takes 3 – 4 working days to process.


1: Who is eligible for 10 years China visa?

A. Only for US passport holder. Only possible for M, L, Q2, S2 visa. Canadian passport holder may also be granted for multiple years’ visa up to 10 years.

 China visa application form.