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Go to Oman! Why

Oman is every other tropical spot that is largely well-known across the globe because of its wealthy cultural legacy and has advantage points from the land residence scores given via one-of-a-kind vacationer at the same time as exploring this exceptional region. Oman is the maximum value powerful destination for people with restricted budget however offers limitless joyous activities to fill our hearts up. It's far full of mountains, grand mosques, forts and a large stretch of deserts and lush greenery all around. Preserving up with modernization and technical evolution the Sultanate gives an abundance of state-of-the-art infrastructure which makes this area definitely worthy of tourist visits to relish their senses. Nizwa and The city of Muscat are the primary attractive spots for folks that need to have fun searching for adventurous excursion or experience. Some traveller appeal in the Oman Sultanate is given below:

  • Nakhal Fort, Al- Batina :

Made in the 3rd century is without a doubt the most beautiful website and it is easy to definitely catch the glimpse of the whole Nakhal nation-state at the same time as status at the Nakhal castle. This relishing web page is named because the most enthralling castle inside the entire world and is situated at a rocky hill, called Hajar.

  • City of Muscat: Enchanting Delight to Hearts:

This place is a blend of modern trade and commerce and is known for its rich heritage. The modern world facilities are completed by series of worldly hotels and resorts. It is famous for Grand Royal Opera, Science and Historical Museums, Oil and Gas Exhibition Centre which rightly convey the expression that ‘The city hosts one of the exceptional infrastructure of the world’.

  • Jebel Shams, Nizwa:

Jebel Shams meaning ‘The Mountain of the sun’ is the proper web site for trekking, hiking and fun loaded and adventurous activities. The site visitors can visit this el9evation for the bewitching revel in. Snowfall seems at this location and pleasure peoples heart. Speak with our professionals to understand more.

  • Frankincense Coast:

Oman’s countless pleasant sights encompass waterfalls, rivers, pastures which are nowhere seen inside the Arabian vicinity. The pleasant time to visit the Frankincense Coast is for the duration of the month of July, August and September because the clime round this time is soothing and fresh.

Tourist Visa for the Sultanate of Oman:

The Visa authorizes the individual’s live inside us of a specifying the term in their lives which could one month or more. The technique is simple and it is granted via any in a position authority to those who wish to visit the Oman Sultanate. To use for the Oman traveller Visa online in Gurugram the subsequent documents may be required:

  • Valid passport for at least 6 months from the date of visa issuance,
  • Sufficient availability of funds,
  • Specification of tourist points or religious venues (such as mosques and shrines) to be visited,
  • Visa fees
  • Hotel reservation and air ticketing in advance,
  • In case one overstays without legal visa, he would need to pay a fine of 10 riyals per day,
  • Visas are applied electronically while a sponsorship letter is needed in some of the cases,
  • Even authorized tour operators (like us) can be the authorizing body for forwarding the request for seeking visa,

You can rely on us with none worries as we're the expert frame and feature remarkable tie up. With the registered work visa sellers in Oman who also are our dependent agents and could cope with you whilst you land in Oman Turf. We're the most preferred frame for seeking Oman vacationer Visa corporation in Guru gram and our skilled pals will assist you in filling and profiling your application. We are known to make your holidays and journeys enthralling and memorable.





  • Oman immigration consultants in Gurugram will help to enter Oman as a Tourist or Business.
  • You will be getting your electronic visa grant from Oman high commission.
  • Electronic Visa issued from Oman high commission will be valid for 2 weeks in this tenure you can travel to your destination in Oman

Apply for Oman work visa online in Gurugram, You need to submit your below documents

  • Passport first and last page color copy
  • Confirmed hotel booking during your stay in Oman
  • Copy of confirmed flight tickets with return onwards.
  • Passport-sized photographs with Light-Blue Background

For more details you can contact our customer service department to help in getting application ready.


  • Visa processing takes time for up to 3-4 working days.
  • Note; Oman high commission is closed on Friday and Saturday of every week.