Thailand Tourist Visa

Thailand is simply a pleasing united state. A first-rate a part of Thailand’s profits is earned via tourism, for this reason, making it the tourism centre of some distance East There might be regulations to attend to and reports to be made earlier than you head to the aircraft for the ‘vicinity this is recognized for Grins’. Think of making an excursion to an unknown country it simply won't be as easy as strolling around within the endeavor facilities and getting off the places one by one. The tropical weather and wealthy culture work as a magnet to attract people from throughout the globe.

Visiting Thailand as a Tourist

Whilst you are journeying this bewitching area just with the handiest goal of getting a laugh, revel in, spending some time on my own, and for relaxing then you definitely are traveller or traveler. The vacationer isn't allowed to work or run a commercial enterprise there and could need to have a visitor visa in order that he can live inside the country. For 15 to 30 days even as exploring its mesmerizing kingdoms and other fun stuff.

What is Tourist Visa?

A traveler visa allows and specifies the motive of your stay in Thailand. It specifies the timeframe of your life and permits to move freely inside the country. It's far stamped in your visa upon touchdown within the air terminal in Thailand, or it is able to be obtained in your country of the foundation through the Thai authority’s workplace or workplace located there. The traveler visa can likewise be amplified if essential. There are positive countries that made concurrences with the legislature of Thailand so their natives can profit by way of the visa exception whilst entering Thailand as site visitors.

  • Sticker Visa
  • Multiple Entry-6 Months validity
  • Single Entry-30 Days Validity


Required Document while you apply Thailand tourist visa online:

  • Confirmed air ticket(Onward/Returned)
  • Original passport
  • Filled Visa application form with duly signed
  • 3 white-background photos (Photo details)
  • Covering letter
  • 6 month Bank Statements with min 90,000 closing Balance(Bank Stamped Statements)
  • Hotel Confirmation


Height x Width

45.0 x 35.0 mm

Face Size

80% of the photo

Face Orientation



White colored with no patterns or shadows


Scarf, etc….

No hats or masks. Religious headgear is allowed, but should properly show the face


3 recent passport-sized colored photographs are required – Matt finish, Ears visible, Neck & Shoulder visible. Photo should be without border.


  • In the occasion that you are arranging an event to Thailand, Thailand vacationer or business visa that is legitimate for 30 days will assist you to input the kingdom simply once. Anyways, a traveller visa extensive for six months will permit different sections.
  • The dealing with time for a Thailand visa is kind of 7 operating days.

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