US finding ways to cut short time for Visa Appointments

US Charge d’affaires Elizabeth Jones has said that US / Washington is undertaking “tremendoous efforts” to solve problems related to long wait time in issuing of visas in India. The newly appointed diplomat added that the problem of long waiting time for visas is further triggered by the coronvirus pandemic. The issue is on top of the mind of Washington and efforts are underway to reduce the wait time for granting of visas through recruitment and trainings of visa counsellors.

This comes amidst growing concerns over the long wait for first time visa applicants, especially those applying under B1(Business) and B2(Tourist) categories. The wait period for first time B1/ B2 visa applicants in India can be very long indeed – up to three years. Jones told Times Now that tremendous recruitment and training efforts are underway in Washington DC right now to recruit and train visa officers in many places. “Our Mission in India is going to bring a lot of them…” She said. “By the summer, we will have fully staffed offices in Delhi and in our consulate in Mumbai.”

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